About Me

  My vision, my desire. 

A Doula defined; As an adjunct to hospice/medical care, we are an objective, empowering presence during end-of-life, including but not limited to, advocacy, companionship and practical support.

    For more than 25 years I have offered my services and training through various hospice organizations, individuals and companies that deal specifically with caring for the aging, those in crisis and the dying. I’ve become aware of an increasing need for support, guidance, advocacy and networking especially for those entering the last chapters of their lives. Realistically this is not something everyone is able to offer. There are often situations of great confusion, instability, fear and a general lack of knowledge standing in the way of participating fully in our own deaths. Many are finding it too late to make their wishes known, or have no well thought out plan of action through advance directives and end of life planning tools.

    Respecting the human need to die well and with dignity, I advocate on behalf of those desiring a peaceful transition and want their wishes honored.This comes from my belief that open and frank discussions about dying can prepare and empower us to die well, our way. The importance of planning in advance cannot be denied. Most importantly I am able to accompany the dying and provide a reassuring, calm presence and support. Being present during this time can bring about wonderful opportunities. Moments for emotional healing and closure for difficult relationships, giving a sense of completion for all involved.

No one should die afraid, in pain or alone. Participating in this sacred space may not seem the happiest time for most and can stir in us many uncomfortable emotions. However, situations can present themselves that bring intimacy and openness. Illness and dying can perhaps force conversations that are genuine and in the past, avoided. Dying well can bring forth an atmosphere of healing within families, opening a door for apologies and forgiveness. To have “no regrets, to “clean house” while there is still time.  Celebrating a life shared.

Dying is equal to our birth. It is to be human, a full circle that none can avoid. Both can be embraced and welcomed. An intense,stimulating environment not to be forgotten. I am trained and certified in end of life care and specifically qualified to advocate for those needing this type of support.  With the understanding that each of us is unique, I work diligently to insure ones wishes are fully honored. My desire and goal is to ease the transition and guide this time with a sense of security and confidence for the individual as well as loved ones.

I’m convinced that our western culture is missing out on and has lost the ability and desire to experience a good death. We have given over to modern medicine a very personal right of passage and all to often directs our last days. My goal is to reclaim, equip and empower through education and resources and network of support. Our own death can be a much better one without fear and confusion. A good death should not be random. Embracing what we all will eventually face can call us to pay full attention to living a more gratifying life. Each of our lives is of great value and meaning, from the beginning to the end. If given the opportunity, will you participate in your final chapter?  I am here for you.

I am compelled to insert a disclaimer for legal reasons as follows.

The information provided using this website is only intended to be general summary information to the public. It is not intended to take the place of either the written law or regulations. The inclusion of any links or resources does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them. I am not a funeral director and only function as a non medical educator and consultant that guides families and individuals in how to care for their loved ones during the process of dying and after death.

Peace and blessings.

Rebecca Motley EOD, DCA, ACPF


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